Are The Money Odds Always in Your Favor?

There are two definitions that distinctly put a barrier between what investing means and what gambling means. Gambling is defined as risking your money by placing a chance bet on something that may or may not offer a profitable return. Investing is defined as placing an investment on a well-researched stock or share of a company with the hope of a high financial return.

Gamblers Odds

A gambler is at a disadvantage as casinos have the upper hand thus the odds are much higher for the gambler. Gambling luck is always unpredictable no matter how good you are at the poker table.

You don’t own anything in gambling. For example, the bets placed on horse racing. These bets are technically placed against other bettors. The odds are determined by the total amount of money bets placed on each horse.

Investors Odds

When an investment is made, you own a share in a company or companies depending on your investment portfolio. Generally speaking, you invest in a profitable company that pays out in dividends. Which, over a period of time, you benefit from financially.

When stock prices go up, your stocks should sell at a profit. Even though the stock market changes, either high or low, there are profits to be made if you’re in for the long-term benefit.

It is advisable to have a diversified investment portfolio as this minimizes the losses incurred by one or more companies. If invested long-term, you stand a better chance of getting the financial gains you initially invested for.

The Best Investments

Those who are new to the investment game may not know where to even start with making good investments. Studies have shown that the most profitable long-term investments have been with the stock market, bonds, and the property market.

Remember, thorough research in either gambling or investing always puts you in a better standing to make informed and strategic financial decisions. Whether you’re learning the basic rules of poker and blackjack games or have heard about a great company with high profits announced on the news!

Two Ways to Increase Your Wealth

When it comes to increasing your wealth, you want to make sure you’re doing it for a long-term investment such as your retirement fund or savings. In this post, we take a look at two different ways to make sound financial decisions in increasing your wealth. Both ways hold a risk and strategic choices but still have probable profits.


Contrary to belief, investing or speculating is very similar. Both terms refer to taking a calculated risk with the uncertainty of a profitable outcome. However, thorough research of financial portfolios and reports are available beforehand to make sound investments in one’s capital. Decisions are also based on the strength of the economy at the time.

An investor or speculator buys and sells shares knowing full well the risks involved. The sound knowledge of the research made before aids in the decision of where the investment is to be made. Thus, there is hope for a high financial gain in the long run.


We all know that gambling on anything including the popular sports betting is a game of chance. Bets are made using capital despite the uncertainty of the outcome of the bet. There is just hope that there is a high financial gain after a sports game.

With gambling, there are higher risks with the odds stacked up high against you. The probability of loss is higher compared to making a guaranteed profit.

Taking the Risk

It’s difficult to know exactly what you’re doing whether you’re investing or gambling with your money. Gambling is taking a risky bet on a short term gamble. Speculating involves strategic and analytical research to make a sound investment despite the risk. Investing in short -term investments puts you at a higher risk of losing.

Another thing to consider is whether you are emotionally connected to your investments. People are advised to keep a barrier between themselves and their capital used to invest or gamble. It is always going to have exciting moments of financial gain with just as many financial losses too.